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About us

From a small workshop founded in year 1967 which dealt with forging and locksmith services, grew up mechanical and blacksmith shop in 1992, until 2006 when the shop become a metal processing company. Today Aledjo DOO owns an impressive machinery, which consists of more than 20 machines, machines for: turning, milling, drilling, boring, slotting, forging and welding. Aledjo DOO specialty are variety of services-developing individual and small series of parts in the field of maintenance.
There are a number of projects in which the company works such as transport systems, power transmission, food processing and laboratory equipment, parts from the automotive industry, agricultural mechanization parts, systems, structures, components of various plants and subsidiary.
In 2016, we work with prestige companies and we specialize in new parts that we have not done before, such as X-ray machines, parts for fruit and vegetable processing machines, parts for machines for industrial automation.
During 2017, Aledjo invests permanently in the development of new technologies, system digitalization and the introduction of I-machining. The purchase of measuring machines and control devices of quality is planned in 2018.
Today, in 2018, we are opening a branch office in Maribor, Slovenia, in the Styrian Technology Park, where we will be working on two processing centers and several conventional machines for scraping, milling and drilling as well as preparation of materials. The company is called ANSA CNC and it is planned to be the business giant on the territory of Slovenia, Austria and Germany.